The "PR" in PR Painting stands for personal record. Our goal with every project is to provide the highest quality service possible, and to do so we are committed to becoming better every day.

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Commercial Painting

At PR Commercial Painting, we are the trusted commercial painting contractor firm that our valued clients have turned to for all of their interior and exterior needs for more than 15 years. From our headquarters in Royersford, PA, our talented and hardworking team of painters serves the needs of property managers, facility directors, and building owners throughout Southeast Pennsylvania, South Jersey, and North Delaware. Our painters have access to all of the resources they need to complete each project efficiently while also focusing intently on quality. We are the painters who you want working on your next commercial paint project.

Commercial Paint for Your Business

The Impressive Impact of a Quality Paint Job

When many of our clients in Royersford PA and throughout the region think about commercial painting, the aesthetic benefits of a fresh coat of paint come to mind. As your commercial painting contractor, we proudly improve the aesthetics of all of the buildings that we paint. However, the proper application of commercial paint and other types of industrial coatings also protects the property’s condition in various and essential ways. For example, paint and other coatings are protective sealants, and our skilled painters have the equipment and skills required to apply the coatings to a variety of substrates. The sealant properties can reduce the likelihood of a pest infestation, protect the surfaces from weather-related damage, reduce maintenance needs and provide other essential benefits. Our commercial painters take pride in delivering these benefits to each customer through their solid workmanship.

The Solution for All of Your Interior Commercial Painting Needs

Our experienced painting team is properly skilled and equipped to do their best work in even challenging work environments. We have painted a wide range of commercial buildings, and this includes factories, office buildings, hospitals, banks and more. In addition to painting walls comprised of drywall and other materials, we can paint all other interior surfaces that require attention. Because of this, we are the full-service resource that you can rely on for all of your commercial interior painting needs.

Best Commercial Painting Jobs

Exterior Painting Services for All Commercial Property Types

If the exterior of your commercial property has seen better days, now is the time to connect with us for a quote for painting services. Throughout our many years of experience meeting the needs of clients across the region, we have painted property types like apartments, retail strip centers, restaurants, warehouses and others. We consistently use high-quality paints and coatings, and our painters rely on their deep knowledge of paint characteristics and their expertise in application techniques to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

Our Proven Process for Beautiful Results

Our painters go to great lengths to maintain a safe environment for your employees, customers and others on your property throughout the project. At the same time, we take numerous steps to safeguard the property from damage related to splatters, spills and more. After securing the work area, we follow all proven processes for preparing the various surfaces for the application of paint or other coatings. Through our use of advanced equipment and quality materials, we produce flawless, even coverage that you can appreciate for many years. We also thoroughly clean our work area before the completion of a project.

Using Commercial Paints in Interior Design

The Difference Our Vetted Commercial Painters Make

Some of the other painting contractors in the local area rely on services from third-party painters. By doing so, they may lose control over critical factors like timing, quality and cost. We guarantee the results of our efforts and focus intently on customer satisfaction. At the same time, we take pride in our ability to complete projects on budget and on time. More than that, we can consistently stand behind the exceptional quality of our work because our in-house painters are the only professionals who work on our clients’ projects. Our painters have each been comprehensively vetted in critical areas like attention to detail, skills, friendliness and more. Because our vetted team members always go the extra mile to satisfy our clients’ needs and expectations, you can feel confident that your property is in the right hands when you hire our team for the job.

Our Focus on Maintaining a Low Profile

We understand that time is money and that even minor disruptions to our clients’ operations can result in lost income. Because our painters are professionals who are equipped to work efficiently, they will work as quickly as possible while also maintaining the highest standards for quality and safety. More than that, we consistently maintain a low profile for interior and exterior projects across all property types. Our painters are available to work on your project over weekends and at flexible times during weekdays. We make it easier for our clients to enjoy the benefits of fresh commercial paint while minimizing inconveniences and disruptions.

PR Commercial Painting

Commercial Paints in Interior Design

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At PR Commercial Painting, we consistently go a step above and beyond to ensure that each client’s needs are perfectly met. We also maintain a solid focus on creating a wonderful customer experience and minimizing disruptions to daily operations throughout the length of the project. Our company is a licensed and insured commercial painting contractor, and our team has an extensive track record for producing stunning results for our clients. We are eager to meet your commercial painting needs. Contact our team at PR Commercial Painting in Royersford PA to request a detailed estimate for your upcoming project.

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